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The company's vision is to become a leader in ship management through our core values of integrity-driven services, transparency, and care.The company's mission is to provide sustainable quality, care, transparent and integrity-driven ship management to its customers and all interested parties, while ensuring protection of life, property, and environment.


Establish long term relations with its seafarers through close communication and genuine care

Maintain long term relations with customers and all interested parties through transparent and integrity-driven transactions

Ensure compliance with mandatory rules, legislations, and regulations

Evaluate and review regularly its quality, health, safety, security, environmental, social and business performance and

pro-actively set targets for self-improvement

Disseminate knowledge gathered to all company's personal and interested parties


85% and above seafarers retention rate

Zero security incidents 

Reduction in permitted emissions

Zero spill into water

Zero property damages

Zero detention

Zero crew injury

Minimal PSC deficiencies per inspection